What is my MMR and How to Improve it

MMR means Match Making Rating. MMR is a League of Legends number that represents a player’s skill level. Your MMR determines who you play against and is different for each game mode. It tracks non-premade solo games played in ranked, normal, and ARAM queues.

What is My MMR
What is My MMR

MMR is one of the game’s most important statistics. This has no bearing on gameplay, but it is the guiding statistic for matchmaking in the game. It determines who you’ll be playing against far more than any visual indicator you might get in-game. Only Riot has complete knowledge of what’s going on with your Match Making Rating. However, if you’re wondering what my MMR is, there are a few ways to find out.

How to Check MMR in League

It can be difficult to check your rating because it is an internal statistic. As a result, many players are left wondering, “What is my MMR?” There are ways to check, but the results, like determining how much time you spent on LoL, can be a little off. There is no official method for determining your Match Making Rating. However, you can deduce some information from how LP points are distributed following the conclusion of a ranked game.

Using a service that pulls data from the API is the simplest way to view your rating. There are websites that provide data on rating. Yet, these sites are simply attempting to deduce it from the statistics available.

How to Improve my MMR

MMR rises when you win and falls when you lose. As a result, maintaining a positive win rate is the simplest way to gain ranking. Although the difference in average rating between your team and the opposing team affects the amount gained or lost, most games are “fair” and contain teams with similar Match Making Rating. A good rule of thumb is to give a win +10 Match Making Rating and a loss -10 Match Making Rating.

Raising your rating in League can be difficult because we don’t know how it’s calculated. Your win rate appears to be significant. As your win rate improves, the rating begins to suggest that you are constantly pitted against lower-level opponents. As a result, your rating is dialed up faster than usual. The main factor is a consistently high win rate. As a result, snowballing wins allows your rating to increase more quickly. This is also one of the reasons why asking what my MMR is can be difficult because it can change quickly.

MMR is one of the more difficult aspects of League of Legends to improve, but it essentially comes down to playing well more consistently. Riots Website

How does it affect LP Rank

League Points (LP) are used as a competitive layer on top of MMR in ranked game modes. Your Match Making Rating and the average Match Making Rating for your rank determine your LP gains and losses. When you play above the average MMR for your rank, you will gain more LP than you will lose. When you’re below the average rating, you’ll lose more LP than you gain. It should be noted that MMR and LP are not the same as Elo rating, which Riot discontinued in Season 3.

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