OWWA Scholarship Courses – Full list 2022 Updated

We have curated and made a complete list of OWWA Scholarship Courses to which Filipino students can apply for scholarship. Dependents of active OWWA members who are enrolled or plan to enroll in any 4-year or 5-year bachelor course at any institution or university may apply for an OWWA Scholarship.

Undergraduate degree programs (Baccalaureate courses) are designed to award you a degree after successfully completing a set number of courses or disciplines. Depending on the subject, these projects can take four to five years to complete. OFWs can apply for any of the OWWA Scholarship Courses listed below.

  • Upon completion of your studies, you will receive a Bachelor’s Degree
  • You can use your Bachelor’s Degree you can use to apply for jobs and positions
  • These jobs require more specialized skill sets, particularly in administrative or management-related roles, or to be admitted into a post-graduate degree program.
  • OFWs can apply for any of the OWWA Scholarship Courses listed below.

What are OWWA Scholarships

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration provides OWWA Scholarships. The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration is an organization that promotes the welfare and well-being of Filipino workers working abroad by providing scholarships, insurance, health care, and educational opportunities to OFWs and their dependents.

OFWs and their dependents can apply for scholarships from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). As a result, if you are an OFW, it is critical that you maintain your OWWA membership and take advantage of OWWA Scholarship opportunities.

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OWWA Scholarship Courses List

Here is the list of OWWA Scholarship Courses in the Philippines:

Administration Field

  1. BS in Office Administration
  2. BS in Customs Administration
  3. BS in Public Administration
  4. BA in Public Administration
  5. BS in Legal Management

In fields of Agriculture

  1. BS in Agriculture
  2. BS in Agricultural Engineering
  3. Bachelor of Agricultural Technology
  4. BS in Forestry
  5. BS in Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

In Aircraft & Aviation Industry

  1. BS in Aircraft Maintenance Technology
  2. BS in Aeronautical Engineering
  3. BS in Arts and Design
  4. BS in Management Accounting
  5. Bachelor of Fine Arts
  6. BA in Multimedia Arts
  7. BS in Interior Design

Courses in the field of Architecture

  1. BS in Architecture

Courses in the field of Engineering

  1. BS in Civil Engineering
  2. BS in Marine Engineering
  3. BS in Electronics & Communications Engineering
  4. BS in Electrical Engineering
  5. BS in Mechanical Engineering
  6. BS in Computer Engineering
  7. BS in Industrial Engineering
  8. BS in Chemical Engineering
  9. BS in Agricultural Engineering
  10. BS in Aeronautical Engineering
  11. BS in Geodetic Engineering
  12. BS in Mining Engineering
  13. BS in Software Engineering

Courses in the field of Business

  1. BS in Business Administration
  2. BS in Accountancy
  3. BA in Marketing Management
  4. BA in Financial Management
  5. BA in Human Resource Development Management
  6. BA in Management
  7. BS in Accounting Technology
  8. BS in Entrepreneurship
  9. BA in Management Accounting
  10. BA in Operations Management
  11. BS in Entrepreneurial Management
  12. BA in Economics
  13. BA in Business Economics
  14. BA in Entrepreneurship
  15. BS in Economics
  16. BA in Banking and Finance

Courses in the field of Communication & Information Science

  1. BA in Communication
  2. BA in Mass Communication
  3. BA in Multimedia Arts
  4. BA in Journalism
  5. BS in Developmental Communication
  6. Bachelor of Library and Information Science

Courses in the field of Humanities

  1. BA in Philosophy
  2. BA in History
  3. BA in Literature
  4. IT, Computer Science & Programming
  5. BS in Information Technology
  6. BS in Computer Science
  7. BS in Computer Engineering
  8. BS in Information Systems
  9. BS in Information and Communications Technology
  10. BS in Software Engineering

Courses in the field of Language

  1. BA in English
  2. BA in Filipino

Courses in the field of Maritime

  1. BS in Marine Transportation
  2. BS in Marine Engineering

Courses in the field of Medical & Healthcare

  1. BS in Nursing
  2. BS in Medical Technology
  3. BS in Pharmacy
  4. BS in Physical Therapy
  5. BS in Nutrition and Dietetics
  6. BS in Respiratory Therapy
  7. BS in Occupational Therapy
  8. BS in Midwifery

Courses in the field of Music

  1. Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Courses in the field of Professional & Technical Courses

  1. BS in Industrial Technology
  2. Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education
  3. BS in Aircraft Maintenance Technology
  4. BS in Food Technology
  5. BS in Computer Technology

Courses in the field of Religion & Theology

  1. AB in Theology

Courses in the field of Science

  1. BS in Biology
  2. BS in Mathematics
  3. BS in Chemistry
  4. BS in Environmental Science
  5. BS in Geology
  6. BS in Applied Mathematics
  7. BS in Applied Physics
  8. BS in Physics
  9. BS in Marine Biology
  10. BS in Statistics
  11. BS in Zoology

Courses in the field of Social Science

  1. BS in Criminology
  2. BS in Psychology
  3. BA in Political Science
  4. BS in Social Work
  5. BA in Psychology
  6. BA in Sociology
  7. BS in Community Development
  8. BA in Social Science

Courses in the field of Teaching

  1. Bachelor of Elementary Education
  2. Bachelor of Secondary Education
  3. Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education
  4. BS in Industrial Education

Courses in the field of Tourism, Hospitality & Culinary

  1. BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  2. BS in Tourism Management
  3. BS in Hospitality Management
  4. BS in Tourism
  5. BS in International Hospitality Management
  6. BS in Travel Management


The OWWA provides a number of scholarship programs for dependent children of OFWs. As a result, it is critical that you are aware of and use these programs. After all, any kind of help for your children’s education and future is truly beneficial.

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